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Child Custody

Child Custody

Child custody is often the most difficult issue of any family law proceeding. Because the outcome could possibly impact your relationship with your children for the rest of your life, very few family law cases are as personal or potentially damaging as a child custody case. At Jennifer Darley, PA each Child Custody Attorney is sensitive to the needs of parents and children, and we work hard to achieve results that are best for our clients. Our Ocala family lawyers have the skill and understanding to assist families in reaching resolutions to these highly emotional and sensitive matters.


It is critical that parties in child custody disputes are properly advised as to the impact of Florida law on their circumstances so that they can be adequately represented by an Attorney. Child custody laws in Florida dictate that decisions regarding child custody are based on what is best for the child; determining the child’s “best interests” is at the heart of every child custody case. Anger management issues, problems with addiction, lifestyle choices and a child’s developmental needs are all open for debate.


Our Child Custody Attorneys can help you…

At Jennifer Darley, PA your attorney for child custody will actively engage in settlement negotiations or vigorously litigate child custody cases. We are experienced Family Law Attorneys who will guide you through the process in a reassuring and informative manner. Each of the clients at our family law practice is apprised of their rights and responsibilities and the applicable legal procedures so they can understand what options are available to them and their children.


The best child custody attorney is the one that puts your child’s needs first, and that’s exactly what we strive to do at Jennifer Darley, PA. Through our diligent efforts, we protect children from being drawn into the conflict that unfortunately sometimes accompanies child custody cases. Your child custody attorney will help you reach sound decisions that safeguard the future of your children and your relationships with them.


When it Comes to Child Custody

It can be difficult to move beyond the emotions at hand and progress to resolution. At Jennifer Darley, PA, your child custody attorney will listen to you and understand your priorities and concerns about your children. With our expertise, experience, and empathy, we are highly successful in advocating our clients’ wishes to the court, opposing counsel and the other parent.

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