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Child Support

Child Support in Florida

In Florida, child support is awarded to ensure that parents are contributing to the financial support of their children. Our Florida family lawyers know that there are many qualifications and requirements to child support, as well as some exceptions. For example, if the child is enrolled full time as a student, child support is payable until the child reaches 18. One exception to this rule is that a parent may be obligated to continue to support an adult disabled child who is not self-supporting. No matter what your situation, your child support attorney from Jennifer Darley, PA family law practice is ready to listen and help you with your case.


Child Support Factors & Guidelines

In Florida, there is a guideline to determine if and how much child support must be paid by a one parent to another. Important factors to consider are:

  • Amount of money each parent earns

  • Amount of money each parent is capable or earning

  • Amount of time spent with the child

  • Any hardships that justify deviating from a child support order


The real work comes before your hearing and relies on determining the income upon which the child support will be based. When a spouse feels a former partner’s income does not properly reflect his or her ability to pay, it is even more critical to seek the advice of a skilled veteran child support attorney in Florida.


Benefits of Retaining a Child Support Attorney

Obtaining adequate child support is essential, and for those who must pay child support, having an affordable plan is critical. The time to seek advice from an experienced child custody attorney or child support attorney is before an order is set by a judge, so don’t hesitate in contacting the family law attorneys at Jennifer Darley, PA.

Each child support lawyer at Jennifer Darley, PA understands Florida’s child support laws and its factors, such as those that can affect the ultimate amount of child support. Your Florida child support attorney will assist you with your case and educate you on the circumstances and requirements of child support. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, our child support lawyers will help you receive the best possible option so that child support laws can work for you and your children.

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