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When people hear the word “divorce,” their minds swarm with pictures of stifling courtrooms, screaming faces, and judges bashing their gavels against their benches and calling for “order.” However, as emotionally and mentally draining as divorce can be, it need not escalate to that frightful image. In fact, many Marion County divorces need not be conciliated by a judge in a courtroom at all. Rather, a couple can choose to negotiate between themselves so that they never have to through intense litigations, which could save them several expenses and loads of stress. While you still must go through the Marion County family court system, the process differs from a contested divorce as it gives you more freedom to represent yourself and explain your thought processes behind contentions and decisions. Basically, it places you back at the helm and lets you regain control in a time where you may feel you have none.


To begin the process of mediation in Ocala, Florida, you must recruit an experienced mediation attorney. They should be highly familiar with the laws and procedure of mediation, as well as have solid financial background and legal expertise specific to family law. At Jennifer Darley, PA, we not only have a team of lawyers highly specialized in those areas, but ones who treat all clients with compassion and understanding. We know that this is an incredibly emotional time, and will always attempt to mitigate conflicts, alleviate tensions, and come to conclusions that will give you the best chance at regaining joy in your life. However, we first and foremost want to make sure you find a lawyer who will meet your exact needs, which is why we provide free consultations to any potential client.


Mediation Lawyers

If you have decided to follow the route of mediation, you can expect a few things. First, you will save your hard-earned money. While contested divorces often necessitate that both couples hire their own personal divorce attorneys, uncontested divorce allows you to hire one mediation lawyer and split the cost between the two of you. Of course, if you would like personalized legal advice, you are always welcome to hire your own divorce attorney, which we discuss further down in this article. Second, mediation is less emotionally and mentally taxing than contested divorce. This is especially true when it comes to children, who often struggle to understand or accept the separation. Mediation provides a more peaceful and explanative method that will ease children through the progression. It also helps prevent them from being caught in the middle of fierce debates and provides them with a platform to express their opinions regarding the decisions being made. Yet another benefit of going through mediation in Florida is that you retain control. As previously stated, you are now the driver on this journey, rather than having to shout from the backseat to be heard. Your mediation attorney will act as your guide, navigating you through the Marion County court system. We have walked numerous couples through both contested and uncontested property divisions, child custody terms, pension divisions, spousal or child support options, and more.


While mediation is the preferable route when going through a divorce in Florida, that is not to say it is short and simple. It will save you many headaches and tears, but it is still multifaceted and complex, especially since you must cover every detail of how your lives will be structured post-divorce. But don’t worry, our lawyers will break everything down for you and clear up all confusion surrounding any issue. We will discuss your current situation, strategize and plan out how we will come to each conclusion, simplify it into a list of steps, and review everything before the divorce is finalized. We always see to it that you are aware of effects your decisions could have on your future, so that you sign off on everything with eyes wide open.


If you and your husband or wife have already chosen a mediator but wish for more personalized legal advice that will help you formulate your arguments specifically, look no further. When acting as your and your spouse’s mediator, we must be an unbiased third party who helps navigate negotiations and moderate conflicts. This is perfect if you feel comfortable representing yourself and making your voice heard, as we cannot provide representation specific to you. However, if you feel that you could benefit from having a family law attorney on your side, we can act as that instead. Rather than being your mediation attorney, we will strategize exclusively with you to meticulously structure your arguments, defend your rights, and advocate for your needs.


Divorce is painful. You should never have to go through it alone. In whatever way we can help – whether by objectively mediating an uncontested divorce, representing you through the mediation process, or even acting as your divorce attorney through a contested separation – we are here for you. Always attempting to make the process as clear, simple, and stress-free as possible, we will fight to give you the fulfilling life that you deserve.

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